We had one of the most inspirational experiences while recording this video with Sony in correlation with our second album “No Boundaries.” Out on the Bonneville Salt Flats, we felt the music pulsing through our veins as we took part in the sky lighting up like a fire from the setting sun. All of us had one thought running through our minds; this is The Firebird, and this is the closest we’ll ever get to actually living the music. You can see it in our faces, we were overcome with sincere passion for what we were playing.

Just a little bit about the experience. Daynes Music provided us with 5 beautiful Steinway grands for the shoot, but when we got out there we realized that it was the flooding season for the Salt Flats. We had no idea at the time, but evidently there is a time each season where parts of the salt flats flood in order to keep it from eroding. This posed a pretty big issue for getting 5 pianos in and out of there. After carting them through at least 3 inches of soggy salt, they were finally in place. But once set, they started to sink as the day went on. Let’s just say the folks at Daynes and Steinway are amazing. As the metal castors sank deeper and deeper into the salt, these great friends of ours didn’t even bat an eye. They just kept saying that the recording must go on!